Vacuum cleaners are definitely essential for every household. It has made cleaning much easier and ensures perfection in cleaning dust, pollutants, and different particles that you cannot achieveusing a broom or other devices.

Every vacuum has its own features and characteristics. Among different vacuum cleaners, the regular vacuum and the wet dry vacuum are used widely around.

When it comes to coming to a conclusion regarding wet dry vac vs regular vacuum, consumers get confused. Both the devices are great for their own expertise. You need to consider your cleaning needs and then check which one meets those needs the most.

Vacuums – Definition and Working Procedure

Vacuum cleaners are known as vacuums which define a device with empty space inside. There is a mouth that causes suction and sucks up garbage and scraps from different surfaces. During cleaning, the debris gathers in the empty space so that you can dump them later. Often vacuums have garbage bags to collect the messes.

The motor rotates a fan using electric power that creates suction. It includes microfiltration bags that can filter dust particles up to 0.3 microns.

Wet Dry Vacuum

Got an orange juice spill on your carpet while your child was playing? You can be totally tension-free if you have a wet-dry vacuum cleaner. We can easily assume the definition by the name; vacuum for wet and dry dirt. The specialty of these types of vacuum is that they can suck up both solid and liquid waste.

Regular Vacuum

On the flip side, regular vacuums are the stepping stone for different other vacuums that we use nowadays. They have the usual features of a vacuum cleaner, including dry particle suction and additional space for storing them to drop after cleaning.

Wet/Dry Vac vs. Regular Vacuum

There are both similarities and differences between the wet-dry vacuum and the regular vacuum. Let us dig into those.


  • Wet dry vacuum and the regular vacuum both have empty space or garbage bags to collect the waste.
  • Electricity runs the electric motor that rotates a motor fan to create vacuum pressure.
  • Catches 99% of the small particles from any surface along with the air around us.
  • Can filter polluted air by sucking up pollutants.
  • They both have a bacteria-fighting solution and also prevent bacteria from growing in the vacuum.
  • Keeps furniture, carpets, rugs, and other things dust-free and well maintained.
  • Working principle of the wet dry vacuum and the regular vacuum is almost the same.


  • Sucking Up Garbage

The regular vacuum sucks up dry garbage. You can clean any type of dry dirt, scraps, paper pieces, pet hair, and much more using a regular vacuum cleaner.

On the other hand, a wet dry vacuum can be used for both dry and wet debris. This can clean any kind of liquid spills including coffee, soda, water, juice, urine along with solid dirt.

This is the main difference between a regular vacuum and a wet dry vacuum.Proceed to the following factors to know more in-depth info regarding these two vacuum cleaners.

  • Compartments

In the case of debris compartments, the regular vacuum has only one. As it cleans only solid waste, it has a single compartment to suck up those materials.

The wet dry vacuum has two different compartments for two different kinds of waste. One is used for dry garbage, and the other is for liquid spills and wastes. It prevents the mess created by both types of debris, and the drainage hose attached to it provides easy cleaning.

  • Weight Issues

Due to having two types of compartment, the wet dry vacuum is heavier than the regular vacuum. It often looks bulky, and sometimes it can be a trouble in the time of moving from one place to another.

  • Cleaning Hard Surface

A regular vacuum cannot provide full cleaning on every surface, especially the hard ones. Sometimes they fail in the case of cleaning heavy carpets, yards, basements, and garage floors.

But a wet dry vacuum will not disappoint you in such cases. They are designed for advanced cleaning that a regular vacuum cannot do.

Wet dry vacuums are best for cleaning hard surfaces, especially heavy carpets and rugs. You will never need to go to expensive shops to clean your carpets because your wet dry vacuum can keep them well maintained and free of debris.

  • Removing Odor

Odor removing is an additional feature that some vacuums may provide. Any regular vacuum only sucksup dirt and pollutants. But often, dirt might create an odor in surfaces, which is something that this vacuum type cannot take care of.

A wet dry vacuum can provide you fresh carpets, rugs, and other valuables by wiping away the unwanted odor created by debris. It has odor cleaning technology that cleans odor along with visible and invisible dirt.

  • Stronger Suction

The suction of a wet dry vacuum is much stronger than a regular vacuum. So, a wet dry vacuum can collect dirt from much deeper, and also in a great amount.

  • Cleaning of the Vacuum

The wet dry vacuum cleans both wet and dry particles, and for this, the vacuum needs a proper cleaning. If you do not clean the vacuum properly, it can smell pungent. To avoid the situation, you may have a disinfectant attachment with it.

Whereas the other unit doesn’t require that thoroughly cleaning. So, less maintenance hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can wet dry vacuums remove moisture?

Yes. You can remove water along with the moisture from any surface using wet dry vacuums.

  • Do all types of liquids can be removed by wet dry vacuums?

With a wet dry vacuum, you can remove and clean up all types of liquids except the flammable ones.

  • Can vacuums clean glass pieces?

Avoid vacuuming large glass pieces because they can damage the internal parts of vacuum cleaners, but smaller particles should not be a problem.


Definitely, a wet dry vacuum offers many useful features comparing to a regular vacuum. If you want to use a vacuum just for solid dirt dusting, you are welcome to choose the regular one. This costs way less than its counterpart.

Otherwise, you might not want to miss the advanced features of a wet dry vacuum. Go for the one which is suitable along with your needs and preferences.

Hope all the queries that you had regarding wet dry vacuum vs regular vacuum cleaners, are cleared by now.