Sometimes manually cleaning houses and offices can become the toughest and most time-consumingtask to do. That’s wherea vacuum cleaner comes in handy, with which we can easily clean up the dust and dirt from the floor, carpet, and whatnot.

As there are varieties of vacuum cleaners on the market, choosing the right one according to your requirement is another difficult job.

So, stick vacuum vs. upright vacuum, which one meets your needs most?Read on to know the different features of them along with the cleaning procedure, performance, maintenances, and so on.

ConsiderationsBefore Purchase

You would like to buy a suitable vacuum cleaner but can’t decide which one you need! Here are some guidelines to follow before choosing the right one to keep your habitant clean and fresh.

Cleaning Performance

Good cleaning capability is the primary requirement of vacuum cleaners. High cleaning performance comes with an upright vacuum where stick vacuum performs half of it.

In the case of a big apartment, an upright vacuum works well, but a stick vacuum fits mostly for mid and small apartments as the battery power of the stick vacuum’s runtime is around 30 minutes.

Beater bar helps to clean up thick carpets by well suction in the upright ones, but cordless stick vacuums have no beater bars.

So upright ones are suitable for heavy cleaning, whereas stick vacuums are capable of light-duty tasks like dust and cobweb cleaning.


Stick vacuums are like lightweight versions of the upright ones though the features are notthe same at all.

Because it is a lightweight one, using and storing a stick vacuum is easy. On the contrary, upright ones are heavier and much bigger in size. If you have Single floored surfaces to clean, then an upright vacuum is great, but a stick vacuum works better in multi-storied structures.

So, the slim design ensures easy storing and maneuvering of the stick vacuums.Whereas, upright one suits mostly for heavy carpet cleaning.


Price differs a little in the case of the stick and upright vacuum cleaners. But usually upright vacuums are a little costly than stick vacuums if you consider similar brands.

Stick vacuums from a renowned brand or model are expensive than upright from an ordinary brand.


Do you need frequent use of the cleaners or just once a day?Depending on the usess, you have to choose the one that fulfills your requirements.

Stick vacuums are popular for using several times a day. On the other hand, uprights are for rare uses, like once a day.


Storing the vacuum cleaner becomes another problem when the size is large. So to solve this problem, you have to choose the small one which can be easily stored anywhere.

In that sense, a stick vacuum is the right one for you as it is lightweight and small in size.


One of the first and foremost things to consider about vacuum cleaners is the air-flowing capability.It ensures suction of the motor, and thus dirt and crumbs are cleaned up.

However,many companies make vacuum cleaners with low airflow, which makes them inefficient, you have to choose a renowned brand to get a good one like a stick or upright.


The outlook of the stick and upright vacuums are different. Also, they differ from each other in terms of functionalities and working procedures.

Slim-looking and cordless stick vacuums are eye-catching, easy to use, maneuver, and store.

In contrast, the upright one is the opposite of a stick vacuum. Upright vacuums with cords and bulky weight make it heavier. Moreover, a large size dirtbag or simply canister is used in the upright vacuum.

Apartment Size

If you have a large apartment or single storied, an upright vacuum will work great as themaintenance, and useof this heavy cleaner is tough.

On the contrary, stick vacuum can be used in mid or small size apartments and multi-storied structures as it’s easy to use and move.

Stick Vacuum

If you search for easy and quick cleaning and have to clean twice or thrice a day, you are in the right place. Stick vacuum is lightweight, and you can use it anywhere even in the narrow and hard-to-reach spaces.

Storing of this vacuum is not a big deal because of the size. Its weight is from 1.4 to 2.4 kg. Appearance is also good and has no cord as well.

If your floor is wooden or covered with tiles, it can be the best choice for you. As the suction power is less due to the absence of beater bars, it can’t clean the hidden dirt of the thick carpets.

A rechargeable battery has a fixed runtime, so you can’t use it for a long time continuously.


  • Small size and less weight
  • Easy maintenance
  • Frequently usable
  • Works on Hard floors
  • Easy storing
  • Quick cleaning


  • Poor performance
  • Low suction power
  • Comparatively short runtime

Upright Vacuum

If you have a big apartment or have to do heavy cleaning, an upright vacuum can be the most suitable one for your inhabitants or office.

It contains a cleaning head, bags, a handle, and also beater bars which are absent in the stick vacuum.

Each brand has its own kind of cleaners, but most of them are bulky. Starting from 3.2 kg, it can be up to 12 kg.Several operating modes are there; read the instructions carefully for good maintenance.

With higher performance, double than stick vacuum can also clean up through the wall to wall carpeting. It can suckdirt from thick mats and carpets and clean them up. Beater bars ensure such deep cleaning and increase suction power.

These vacuum units also have a HEPA filter, which adds to the overall weight factor.

As moving frequently is not easy with this, it’s only used for heavy-duty cleanings.

Another drawback is that it’s suitable for a one-storied structure, as it’s hard to use in the case of multi-storied ones.

Instead of a rechargeable battery, upright vacuums are used with a direct electric source. Almost all of them have cords attaching them to the source that keeps them running.


  • Double performance
  • Heavy cleaning
  • Cleans carpeted surfaces
  • Good suction power
  • No runtime limitations


  • Heavyweight
  • Hard to maintain
  • Storing difficulties

Final Verdict

In the case of cleaning house or office, vacuum cleaners reduce our time and labors. Reading the whole article, you may be understood the features of stick vacuum vs. upright vacuum. But none of them are worthless or less important. They have different features,soyou have to choose according to your need.

If you live in a big apartment with a carpeted area and a large floor, you can have a stick vacuum. You can also use it several times to keep your place fresh and clean.

On the other hand, you can choose an upright one to keep your medium or small apartment clean and dirt-free.