Among many, stick vacuums are a widely used type in small households and apartments. These machines are lightweight and can tackle a considerable amount of messes with great results. But you cannot just pick a stick vacuum without checking the facts, such as, if this is the type you need to clean your house or not.

In this article, you will get more detailed information about this vacuum cleaner, including the advantages of stick vacuum cleaner, and know if this is the right pick for your cleaning needs or not.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

As the name goes, this is a unit with a stick shape. Due to its compact and lightweight form factor, it’s quite easier to clean dirt and debris from tight and hard-to-reach areas. Apart from that, there are quite a lot of reasons why this cleaner can be your ideal cleaning machine.

  • Weight and Size

Being lightweight is the best quality of these vacuum cleaners as you can store them easily and move them quickly from one place to another. Even older adults can use this vacuum and carry it easily because of their weight.

  • Makes Less Noise

With general vacuum cleaners, you have to worry about the extra noise they make. They are so noisy that it becomes hard to even speak to anyone else during vacuuming. It may even damage your hearing over time.

Stick vacuums are the solution to such issues. Compared to regular ones, these produce much less noise, and it’s hard to tell if the machine is turned on from the next room.

You can clean the house without disturbing the family members. Also, the pets won’t be scared and act like crazy when you use the machine.

  • Versatility

Versatility is a great plus point for stick vacuum cleaners. For almost all kinds of household errands, you can use these vacuum cleaners. This lightweight appliance collects dust and gathers it separately. There is no heavy dust bag that you need to carry around with you.

For cleaning hard floors, this is the best type you can buy. If you do not have wall-to-wall carpet flooring, you do not need to worry as you can use a stick vacuum cleaner for hard flooring of any kind.

Pet hair on the sofa is not a problem to clean any longer as well. Cleaning anything becomes a trivial matter when you got a stick vacuum.

  • Indoor Spaces

Because these stick vacuum cleaners do not come with huge dust bags, moving while cleaning becomes much easier. The dust container is attached with the stick part of the vacuum;so, the dust settles separately in the vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning hard floors is another great point of these stick vacuum cleaners. If you have carpet flooring, then you can still use this kind of vacuum cleaner with great cleaning results.

Apart from using it indoors, you can also use it to clean the stairs without any issues.

  • Makes All Kinds of Cleaning Easy

Cleaning has never been easier when it comes to using stick cleaners. The design of the vacuum is phenomenal. If you are used to stick-mops, then this is right up your alley, except this is much better and easier to clean with. Now, you can have your house cleanedwithin the shortest possible time.

The uptight design of these vacuum cleaners has height-adjustment bars. Now, you can conveniently clean your house and all floors with ease standing up adjusting to your preferred height. Also, this makes carrying the cleaner much easier as well.

A bonus point of these cleaners is that you do not need to drag, carry, or move heavy furniture to clean any longer. You can just push the stick cleaner right into tight spaces and corners to clean the space. Cleaning underneath big sofas is so much easier with these cleaners.

  • No Allergies

Are you allergic to dust? I am very much allergic to dust, and I start sneezing uncontrollably if I come into contact with too much dust.

Cleaning dust becomes that much harder for people who have an allergic reaction if they touch or come into close contact with any kind of dust.

To solve this problem, the stick vacuum cleaners will collect all the dust and dirt into the cleaner’s stick compartment and prevent you from sneezing all day.The machine will give you a cleaner and purer living space to reside in.

Make sure you clean your house properly with it and do not forget to empty out the built-in dust container that is attached to the cleaner into a dustbin.

  • Takes Less Storage Space

People who live in small apartments or houses need to create space for all their belongings. This can become a nightmare for people who have a lot of items that they cannot live without. Figuring out how to store everything becomes a daily task.

If you have a traditional vacuum cleaner, then it will get harder for you to store it as it is quite large and heavy. But, with a stick cleaner, you can easily manage a small space for it. Even if you wanted to put it on a top shelf in your closet, you would not face any problems as it is not that heavy.

Final Words

Vacuuming your house has never been easier with a stick vacuum cleaner. The advantages of stick vacuum cleaner are boundless.

So, if you live in a small apartment, have to vacuum the dust and dirt on a regular basis, want something more convenient and easier to use, then it’s definitely worth considering.