When it comes to cleaning big apartment with thick and lengthy carpets, most homeowners opt for a upright vacuum cleaner. Compared to other types, this particular vacuum handles the cleaning like a pro.

However, just because it’s powerful and ideal for heavy-duty cleaning, it doesn’t mean this one fits for all cleaning purposes.

So, in this article, I will point out the advantage and disadvantage of upright vacuum cleaner, so that you can make the right investment and run the cleaning mission with great efficiency.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

An upright vacuum cleaner is more popular amongst people for classical home cleaning. Whether it is the thick carpets or the staircase of your home, this cleaner here can do the job.

Generally, it comes with a long handle attached with or without a bag. The cleaner head stays close to the ground, including a brush or a bar that sucks the dirt through it. Thisbar works in a back and forth motion, and it vibrates as you sweep. 

Advantages of an Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Like any other vacuum cleaner, an upright vacuum cleaner is made for definite purposes. You are not expecting to get multi-purpose facilities from an upright vacuum cleaner, are you?

Strong Suction and Proper Cleaning

An upright vacuum cleaner is supposed to look for optimal contact on every floor type, maintaining its suction even on the harder floors. Its cleaner head may have an automatic adjustment system for different floor types.

So, whether it is the thick floor carpet or any heavy duties, you are ready to go with it, and it does the job for you.

The cleaner tries to capture dirt, even the microscopic ones. Internal technology such as Cyclone technology maximizes the suction power. Filters attached to a vacuum cleaner trap the allergens and expels cleaner air through the machine.

Just a vacuum cleaner is not enough, though; you need some good hands too. First, it may feel like you are handling a lawnmower in a playground. But eventually, you will get used to it.

Moving Around

As it comes to the movement, it smoothly steers while turning on a dime. Maneuvering around obstacles and in tight places will be easier using the cleaning machine.

Storage and Holding

Nowadays, upright vacuum cleaners come with a lightweight. That is why it’s so much easy to carry and store.

Most of the Upright vacuum cleaners are designed to stand by themself on their own. So, you don’t need to hold it all the time, not at least when the phone is ringing in the bedroom.

Bagged or Non-bagged

They are available bagged and also non-bagged. So, no need to worry about changing the bags anymore. It costs you less too. The non-bagged vacuum cleaner can become a problem if you have dust allergies.

Most people go for the bagless option nowadays.


An upright vacuum cleaner costs much less compared to a cordless stick vacuum. You will get a good quality upright vacuum cleaner in the range of around 300 bucks,while a good stick vacuum will cost almost double.

The average lifetime is expected around 10 years. Some brands are known for a lifetime up to 20 years. So, it is a good investment.


People often think that an upright vacuum cleaner can be used just on the floors. Well, they are wrong. It has become pretty much an all-rounder in cleaning as the attachment technology keeps improving.

Additional Tools

Some additionals tools are also available, designed to attach to the wand. You can remove dust, dirt, or even hair from tight spaces using these attachments or tools. Tangle-free tools help to remove hair without tangling.

If the vacuum cleaner’s heads are positioned properly, the brushes can reach the front and sides of the tool. This makes much easier to draw dust and dirt from all directions.

Disadvantages of an Upright Vacuum Cleaner

You know what they say, “Almost everything lacks something.”

An upright vacuum cleaner is not unlike.


For some people, the weight of an upright vacuum cleaner can be an issue. If you want to buy a cleaner, make sure it’s not heavyweight. As the upright vacuum cleaner works with a back and forth motion, it may cause great trouble to move the cleaner every day for half an hour.

Some vacuum cleaners are quite heavy, and those can boast 20 pounds of weight. Nobody would want something like that in the house, even if it is cheaper.

Therefore, before buying an upright vacuum cleaner for you or your spouse, don’t forget to take a look at the weight. No spouse would want it either.

Corner Limitations

In the tight corners, cleaning can be a little bit difficult without any attachment.


Do you like it quiet always? Even when it comes to the cleaning? Then, you must check your preferred upright cleaner carefully before buying one. Because some of them can be quite loud.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Can I use an upright vacuum cleaner to soak water?

Do not try to use your vacuum cleaner on a wet surface, as most vacuum cleaners are not made to soak water. It is only for dry cleaning; with a regular vacuum cleaner, it can be dangerous.

2.     Can I pick up the hard objects using my upright vacuum cleaner?

Pick up the irregular objects on your own,and do not try to use the suction on the hard objects even if it is tiny; it can cause serious damage to your vacuum cleaner.

3.     My vacuum cleaner is not working properly, should I buy a new one?

Not working like before doesn’t mean it is wasted; rather,try to look for the cause. Maybe the brush is not working properly, or the bag is full. Never mind checking these first.


You can rely on an upright vacuum cleaner considering its cleaning performance, convenience, and durability. Hope, you’ve got one step closer now after knowing the advantage and disadvantage of upright vacuum cleanerand made your mind to take the decision.